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Fawcett: 1962


         Somewhere at this moment Bonny Lee and Kirby are driving some one 

         mad, and enjoying every moment of it.

         If you have ever had a yeasty yearning for complete freedom and

         complete immunity, you will covet something those two have. This

         book will tell you what to look for, and how to use it if you can

         steal it.

         Best of luck.

         In this book, John D. MacDonald turns from suspense to

         A story of fantasy . . .

Fawcett:  1982

 JDM chose these stories after Francis Nevins and Martin Greenberg, along

Walter ,Jean Shine, and Sam Gowen’s help in assembling them out  of 

hundreds of short stories he had published in the pulps between 1947 and 

1952, at the urging of Nevins and Greenberg, who thought the project would 

be very worthwhile.  Sales of the collection proved them right.

 Table of contents:

“Murder for Money”    “ A Time For Dying” “Death Writes the Answer” 

 “Noose For A Tigress       “Miranda”   “Murder In Mind”

“They Let Me Live”   “Check Out At Dawn         “Breathe No More”                           

 “She Cannot Die”  “From Some Hidden Grave”   “Dead On The Pin”

“ A Trap For The Careless”

Fawcett:  1984

Sales of The Good Old Stuff proved to be so good that a second collection was published two years later in 1984.

Table of Contents:  

“Deadly Damsel”        “State Police Report That”   “Death For Sale”

“ A Corpse In His Dreams”        “I Accuse Myself”  “ A Place To Live”

“Neighborly Interest”     “The Night Is Over”  “Secret Stain”

“Even Up The Odds”  “ Verdict”  “ The High Grey Walls Of Hate”

“Unmarrried Widow”   “You Remember Jeanie”

          Fawcett:  1951


         She turned to face him and all the light had gone out of her blue eyes. 

        They looked dead, long buried.

         "It's only a matter of time," she said. "I know sooner or later you'll ask 

        me how I became what I am. Men seem   to have a compulsion to ask that 

        question. So let's have a pact. Don't ask me, and you won't make it 

        necessary or me to invent some tragic story to satisfy your curiosity.

         "Just take me for . . . granted," she whispered.

Fawcett: 1962


         In this swift and striking novel, John D. MacDonald examines the

         ferment of a big-time convention - the plots, the savage

         maneuverings, the dreadful ease with which a man or a dream can

         be  destroyed.

Doubleday: 1966

        MURDER AT SEA.

         NO SURVIVORS.

         NO EVIDENCE.

         NO REASON NOT TO BE $800,000 RICHER.

         Crissy Harkinson knew all about the cash that had left the Gold

         Coast of Florida, headed for the Bahamas on board a pleasure boat.

         It was Texas money—unrecorded, intended as a bribe. And there was

         enough of it left to change a dozen lives. Or end them . .

Dell, 1959

Mystery Writers of America anthology, edited, with intro by JDM

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