John D. MacDonald was known for his intense interest in the passing of

 Florida’s natural wonders in the face of ever-continuing construction.  

Many of his novels reflect a deep appreciation of the habitat which sets Florida apart from other places, including, of course, the Everglades.  The Joh n D. MacDonald Enviornmental Award is a fitting tribute to the author, and to 

others who follow him in their artistic endeavors to keep enviornmental 

awareness alive.

Winner of the first-ever John D. MacDonald Environmental Award:  Jimmy Buffett

The second Envioronmental Award was given to Carl Hiaasen 

at the MYSTERY: THE FLORIDA CONNECTION conference in April, 2002., especially for his columns and books which portray a deep love for the Florida environment.

Although subsequent awards have not been given, there are some outstanding candidates, chief among whom are the great number of Florida folk-singers who keep alive the idea of preserving Florida's environment,  away from those developers whose only desire seems to be, as JDM put it once: "...to pave over everything in the state!!"

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