Gold Medal: 1971


         Contains the following short stories:

         "The Random Noise of Love" "Dear Old Friend" "The Willow Pool"

         "Quarrel" "Woodchuck" "Double Hannenframmis" "The Annex"

         Fawcett:  1960


         Beneath the relaxed exterior of their lush beach life, the year

         round sun tans, the unmeasured cocktails, the casual embraces

         there pulses an insistent, blood-warm note of violence, of

         unspeakable desire.

         Before the story is done, the pulse has run wild.


DELL:  1958

        HE WANTED OUT.

         Out of his job, out of his marriage to a well-heeled lush. And

         there'd never be another chance like this one.

         A big, big caper, but simple as pie. A suitcase bursting with

         tightly packed stacks of nice, worn, unmarked bills. And nobody

         would get hurt - supposedly.

         But the sight and feel of all that money can warp a man, can make

         him decide not to split it up. And it can make murder look easy.

    Fawcett: 1951


         Emily was demure, beautiful. Only she loved money as other women  love men. 

To satisfy her craving, she seduced Kyle Cameron,drained from him his manhood, his 

morals and his soul. . .

(Note:  JDM wished he could have bought all copies of this book so he could burn them...

not his best effort--and  rare to find).

         Fawcett: 1961


         A lonely cottage on an empty Florida Key

         An escaped convict

         The woman who took fatal pity on him

         A wealthy man who lives in - retirement

         His alcoholic wife, a prisoner behind drawn blinds

         An ex pro-football player who thought he'd lost his nerve

         A lone girl on a deserted beach


         Popular Library: 1956


         Clint Sewell knew there wasn't a wife within fifty miles who

         didn't have reason to kill Mary Olan - because there wasn't a

         husband around who didn't think the grass was greener in Mary

         Olan's bedroom. The latest occupant was Clint's boss, a nice guy,

         but not above deceiving his wife - and maybe not above letting

         Clint be the patsy when the fabulous Mary Olan was found dead in a

         closet, with Clint Sewell's belt around her lovely neck.


   Published AGAIN IN 1961 AS 



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