The Dreadful Lemon Sky* (Lippincott, February 1975)

      The Empty Copper Sea  (Lippencott, September 1978

    The Green Ripper* (Lippincott, September 1979)

    Free Fall in Crimson* (Harper and Row, April 1981)

    Cinnamon Skin* (Harper and Row, 1982)

    The Lonely Silver Rain* (Knopf, 1985)


Carrie Milligan, arrives in the middle of the night, while Travis is asleep on his houseboat, The Busted Flush. She is looking older and used and very scared. She has 100,000 with her.  

She wants Travis to keep it safe.   Until she returned.  And no questions please--for old time’s sake.

So Travis keeps the money.  But Carrie never came back.  And never would.  She was suddenly very dead.

The papers said it was an accident...And Travis doesn’t believe it.  And he was going to find out  who had “arranged” her death.

In “Empty Copper Sea,” Hub Lawless is reported drowned in a boating accident and his $2 million insurance policy raises some eyebrows, not to mention questions.

Travis's good friend Van Harder is held responsible for the death and much circumstantial --and suspicious--evidence points to his guilt. Thus, Travis becomes fully involved, more out of friendship than anything else. He cannot believe his friend is guilty.



This is a book of vengeance and revenge. Travis has finally found true love, and she is snatched from him by death. At first it appears to be a lethal illness, then horrifyingly, a random sophisticated killing. Travis  is almost mad with a desire to find one man, one face to batter and then to execute. To face the fact that the murder appears to be an organizational hit with no single one-of-a-kind killer seems obscenely unfair. Travis follows some paper-thin leads, discards his identity, and infiltrates a terrorist camp sponsored by a cult.


McGee used to say that people who become legends in their own time usually have little time left. 

 Unless you’re McGee, who is indestructible.

This time, however, he came close to losing his status as a living legend when he agreed to track down the killers who brutally murdered an ailing millionaire.  

The police reported death by person or person unknown.  

McGee knew better.



When Travis McGee’s friend Meyer lent his boat to his niece, Norma, and her new husband Evan, he never dreamed he was signing their death warrant.

For suddenly, out in the waters of the Florida Keys, the boat was destroyed by an explosion.  

To all appearances  only Norma, Evan, and a crew member were aboard when it happened.

But McGee begins to suspect it’s not that simple.


Keeping himself alive is something McGee has always taken for granted--until his search for a wealthy friend’s missing yacht places him square in the center of the international cocaine trade. 

 As he follows a scorching white line from Miami’s penthouse suites to a tiny village in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula Travis finds himsself the target of some of the most ruthless villains he’s ever met.

Pressed into contemplating for the first time his own mortality and jolted into taking stock of his life he discovers amid all the danger the astonishing  surprise behind the cat-shaped pipe cleaners someone is leaving at this door.



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