Movies resulting from  a JDM novel or short story:

“Cape Fear”  (1962)

Based on the novel The Executioners 

Starring Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum

“Cape Fear”  (1991)

Directed by Martin Scorsese

Starring Robert DeNiro, Nick Nolte


“Darker Than Amber” (1970)

Starring Rod Taylor as Travis McGee


“A Flash of Green “ (1984)

Starring Ed Harris

 ( arguably the best adaptation)


“Kona Coast”  (1968)



Based on the story "Bimini Gall"

Starring Richard Boone

“Man-Trap” (1961 AKA Deadlock, Restless)

Based on the story "Taint of the Tiger" 

Starring Jeffrey Hunter, David Janssen

“Condominium”  (1980)

Starring Barbara Eden, Steve Forrest, Ana Alicia, Richard Anderson

“The Empty Copper Sea,”   (1983 AKA Travis McGee: The Empty Copper Sea)

Starring Sam Elliot as Travis McGee

The Girl, The Gold Watch and Everything,”  (1980)

Starring Robert Hays, Pam Dawber

“Linda”  (1973)

Based on  “Linda,” a story by John D. MacDonald

Starring Stella Stevens, Ed Nelson

“Linda”  (1993 AKA Lust for Murder)

Starring Virginia Madsen, Ted McGinley

“Hangover,”  Alfred Hitcock Presents (Series 8) with Tony Randall

Note:  there may have been some tv shows in the 1950’s, but it is hard to determine them, if at all.



Dear CBranche,

I just watched a rather fine episode of the old television series "Thriller" from the 1960's. Broadcast today, 8 PM, on ME TV in Chicago.

 Story was about a bomber who left

a bomb in a purse of a woman who is leaving a buildingand the police try to find the woman. It stars Robert Lansing as the policeman. It was a good episode and I looked to see who the writer was and it is based on a short story by MacDonald.

I think he might have written the screenplay too.

You might want to look it up and add it

to the television credits of J.D. MacDonald at yours site as it was quite a good script.

It impressed me enough to look up the writer and I found your website. Was pleased to discover it and thought you might like the info on another Macdonald TV script.

All Best,

Robert Kameczura

© CAL  2012