Top left is a picture of the Bahia Mar Resort where, in Slip F18, the Busted Flush was moored.  Below is a rendering of the boat, which MacDonald felt was very close to what he had in mind, but, as he always said about the boat and Travis McGee, he did not want to be exact about either.  Let the reader fill in the 


Which is why my idea (see above) is quite different than the one at the top of the page,

 or that which appeared  on the Bib covers, which had been drawn by a USF student

 who probably did not understand what a houseboat looked like.

(Note: that’s a ham radio antenna on top of my version.)

In looking through your JDM website, I did find this photo of my old boat, Travis McGee.  The photo was actually taken in St. Augustine.  I chose Cedar Key as a hailing port from the Buffett song line "Travis McGee is in Cedar Key, says John D. MacDonald." 

Glen Moore

St. Augustine

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