How nice to find that you have a section devoted to this. It means I'm not the only person who remembers this kind of thing.  ;-)

My career dream was to work in the airline industry. I got my first airline job with a small carrier named TranStar (formerly Muse Air) in 1986. One day I was assigned to the 'transfer point' or 'T-point', where luggage arrives on the conveyor belt that carries it from the ticket counter. There an employee loads it onto the appropriate cart depending on destination. It was the proverbial feast or famine; when several flights were checking in you really had to scramble to keep up but between departures there was nothing to do except sit at a battered old desk someone had dragged down there and stuck in a corner. So one day, bored to tears, I opened the desk drawer and found treasure: a paperback copy of The Lonely Silver Rain. Two pages in I was a MacDonald fan for life. It never bothered me that I read the last one first and soon I had acquired and read every last McGee tale. All these years later, I've read each of them several times and he is one of my top three or four favorite authors along with Hiaasen, Arthur Hailey, and Robert Serling.  

Thanks for all the work you've put in on the website. It's very entertaining.



During a well deserved break ,from dental school, to my good friend Jeff's house in William's Bay, Wisconsin I came across a book, The Empty Copper Sea and started reading it.  I ended up absconding with it much to Jeff's displeasure.  He got it back the following week but I was hooked on Travis McGee and have read every one.  Last summer I reread them from The Deep Blue Goodbye to The Lonely Silver Rain.


Steve Hillesheim

Palatine, IL


I first met Travis McGee back in 1983.  I was the crew librarian onboard USS SUMTER (LST 1181), stationed in Little Creek, Virginia.  We were out at sea and I opened up a shipment of new paperbacks and right on top was a book called, The Green Ripper.  It sounded intriguing and I put it aside for myself to read.  Once I started getting into it, I finished it over the next 2 days.  I was hooked.  Unbeknownst to me at the time, the library had 7 or 8 of his other adventures already on the shelves.  I now proudly own every volume of his stories and have every story on audio book as well. 


S. R. Dawson


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