JDM and Dorothy stayed at  this camp,which they built in 1949. It was located  in Piseco Lake, north of Utica, in the Adirondacks.  They spent many summers there for the rest of their lives.

 There are hundreds of pictures of the camp area in the Collection taken by both JDM and Dorothy while in residence.    

(Please note:  these are duplicates from the Collection, and should not be copied and distributed.)

Shown in the picture above are Dorothy and her brother, Sam Prentiss. The cabin has been sold and is being renovated.  Originally there were 12 small rooms in 1200 square feet of space, including a small room in the attic. 

One of those rooms on the main floor was JDM’s study, see  below the cabin picture.

 The desk and typewriter (one of many he used) may be donated to the Collection by Brad Dake, the new owner. Note that the desk faces inward, not out, which JDM preferred so that he would not be distracted from writing.

Above: the garage

To get to the cabin one must turn off the main road onto a fairly twisty dirt road through the woods.  You have a feeling that visitors--other than family-- were not encouraged. The garage actually faces the front of the cabin.


The rocks are very close to the back of the cabin.  See Piseco Lake 2 for more pictures.

Below are some black and white photos taken in 1949 of the cabin construction.

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