Doubleday: 1965

The funny, touching, entertaining true story of two cats and their adventures with the MacDonald family.

On the back  cover there is a pictue of JDM, lying stretched out on the couch, reading, with one of the cats nestled up against his feet.

        Fawcett:  1963


        MacDonald’s story of Judy Garland....he was not really pleased with  the end result.

This book of letters reflects the rise and fall of Rowan and Martin's “Laugh In.”  It’s a  picture of a successful novelist and of a comedian dealing with success, and it is a  portrait of how a friendship may live and die.  At the suggestion of a mutual friend, Rowan and MacDonald began writing without having met. Their letters are frequent initially, and each writer assumes a role: MacDonald/advisor and Rowan/seeker of such. There is an abrupt break-off in 1974 as Rowan's marriage disintegrates. 

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