1952 by Fawcett

         THE HEAT HIT THEM ALL . . .

         the scorching heat of Mexico, and it ate at their nerves. The

         stalled ferry held them in the heat until they could stand no


         The honeymooners fought, and loved and fought again. The

         pretty little tramp clawed her married lover's eyes. The 

         trembling killer looked behind and knew his time was short.

         There were others waiting, too, some good, some bad, but all

         of them tormented by the shape of disaster to come.

         Time gave them all a second chance.

         Most of them stepped on the face of time.

1953 Fawcett

         Set in Florida. It is the story of McClintock, a bitter man who 

        has taken refuge on the keys and shut away the world that had

        scarred him.

         But the world came after him—in the shape of a manic killer 

        who threatene  McClintock's house of cards and taught him 

        how to love again.

 Dell : 1959


          Ramona Beach, Florida, was a dangerous place to mix 

           business with pleasure. Strangers usually meant

         trouble, and the local sheriff echoed the town's 

        sentiments with a blackjack.

         Once Ramona Beach had been my home, as a kid--but 

        now they'd railroaded me out of town. "Can't trust trash," 

        they said. I'd  never been back.

         But that was then and this was now. Now I'd been sent 

        home by my employer, the Defense Department, to locate 

        a particular scientist and bring him back alive. But 

        Ramona Beach had a long memory, and

        so did I . . .

 Dell:  1957

         In life, Jane Ann never had much use for a halo, but 

         in her violent death she finally earned one.

         When they found a suspect, everyone relaxed, except me.

         Maybe I should have stayed out of it, but I owed a big 

        debt to the patsy they were sending to the electric chair in

        a week.

         And I would have stayed out of it if I'd known what my 

        own chances were of coming out alive.

        Dell:  1958

         A Stunning Novel of Modern Morals

         Her name was Cindy, and she was his neighbor's wife - the

         woman next door in the kind of suburbia that didn't make

         headlines. No cheap scandals here - no wife-swapping, no 

        key games. These  were real people, nice people like Cindy

         and Cark who fought with the desperation of the damned to 

        keep from wanting each other.

         Had a perfect opportunity not presented itself, perhaps 

        nothing would have happened. But suddenly it was the right

         time, the right place. And there was no room left for 


        In that moment,  all innocence drained out of their lives. Two

        real people, two nice people, became creatures of passion - 

        and guilt.

        Fawcett:  1963

         Lucille Hanson had rid herself of the wrong man - her rich 

        husband who lived casually and loved carelessly. Then she 

        found another man she hoped would be right. She was

        putting together the pieces of her life - determined not to 

        make the old mistakes, the foolish ones which had almost

        wrecked her the first time around - until all of her hopes 

        came to rest at the bottom of a lake where her body was

        found. It must have been an accident, was what others

        wanted to think. But among her mourners just one person 

        refused to  believe it was anything but murder.

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